Welcome to Our Practice

Doctor Houston, TX

When hospitals and surgical facilities require expert anatomical and clinical pathology services, North Houston Pathology Services will provide Pathologists who are committed to working with local physicians and professional staff in making the diagnosis and treatment of their patients as efficient and definitive as possible.

We spend a great deal of time with our physician clients, making sure that we are meeting their needs and those of their patients. We attend surgery center meetings and making ourselves available for consultations and communication with the medical staff. Patient care is greatly enhanced through our proven method of operations, assessment, and improvement, which is evidenced by our longevity and expansion in the market during the past 34 years.

  • Accuracy: All our Pathologists are board-certified. Our group of nine Pathologists has at least 199 years of collective experience.
  • Consistency: Since 1985, all Pathologists who have joined our group of board-certified Pathologists are still with us.
  • Availability: We pride ourselves in being accessible to the physicians we serve.
  • Affability: With a positive and respectful approach, we look forward to working with other physicians, hospital, and surgery center staff.

North Houston Pathology Associates, LLP, will meet all stated requirements of its clients regarding Service, Leadership, Compensation Arrangement, Managed Care Contracts, Regulatory/Accreditation/Compliance, Participation in Facility Activities and Committees and Continuing Education.