Our Services

Staffing and Coverage

North Houston Pathology Associates, LLP, will provide a seasoned and experienced Pathologist at the client’s facility as needed to deliver full-time coverage. The Pathologist will be supported by the remaining members of the NHPA group who have special interests in specific areas of pathology practice.

Our “working hours” extend beyond 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to include the time when procedures begin and all major cases are completed.

In-house Pathologists will be added as needed. This usually depends on the number of procedure cases. Any new additional Pathologists will only be recruited if they are board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. Specialized skills and interest will be tailored to meet the needs of the Facility.

On-call coverage will be provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week via pager or cell phone.

Scope of Service

North Houston Pathology Associates, LLP, will provide complete professional coverage for the clinical and anatomic laboratory data collection to maintain quality assurance if necessary.

In addition, we will actively participate in working conferences such as tumor board and any specialty meetings that develop with the medical staff, such as GI, GU and breast conference.

Service Standards

All malignant or unexpected findings are immediately communicated to the physician.

We require two pathologists’ opinions on malignant diagnoses.

The response time for return phone calls for the on-call Pathologist is expected to be less than five minutes.

If urgently needed at the Facility during off-hours, an NHPA Pathologist can be onsite within 30 minutes.

The NHPA turn around times for surgical pathology specimens has been consistently measured at better than 90% at two days.

We recognize that our clients are the physicians and their patients. Our job is to ensure the correct and timely reporting of their diagnoses.

Additional Information

NHPA does not work with any other organizations or have contractual restrictions that would impact the provision of services to our clients.

Each pathologist carries malpractice coverage of $1-$2 million, and the group carries $200,000-$600,000—the maximum allowed by TMLT.

There have been no malpractice claims for our group during the last 5 years.

Program Enhancement and Collaboration

One of the cornerstones of our practice has been innovation. NHPA will work collaboratively in assisting our clients and their medical staffs in introducing new services to their patients and the market area.

Comprehensive Breast Center Services—Our group has significant experience in the successful establishment and ongoing growth of Comprehensive Breast Center services by working collaboratively with physicians and staff. An example of this collaboration, the multidisciplinary breast center at Houston Northwest Medical Center, was established to assist women and their physicians with the diagnosis of breast cancer.

We were instrumental in acting as catalysts to bring surgeons, mammography radiologists and oncologists together with our pathologists for regularly scheduled multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Conferences. Additional clinical staff involved in patient care attend for educational purposes as well. Using our collective talents, we focus on each patient’s condition, providing that patient with the great benefits in patient care that only such a collaborative physician exchange can bring to bear.

In addition, our group has participated in the introduction of sentinel lymph node mapping. Our current practice is to assist the surgeon by performing cytological examinations of the sentinel lymph nodes during surgery. This requires experience and good eyes on the part of the Pathologists.

North Houston Pathology Associates Pathologists perform these studies multiple times a week and know what to do.

We began a three-hospital conference, the “Breast Disease Working Group.” This group consists of physicians only and meets in the evening to discuss various diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in breast disease.

Additional Programs—NHPA Pathologists have been instrumental in establishing and enhancing additional medical programs. These include:

  • GI Working Conference.
  • Automated Immunohistochemistry, which we are currently performing to enhance surgical pathology diagnosis and therapeutic analysis in breast cancer.

Third Party Payer Programs and Managed Care

North Houston Pathology Associates, LLP, participates in many managed care and third party payer programs. These include Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPUS and other programs in which most hospitals participate.

Our billing company employs a managed care specialist to assist in the negotiations of managed care contracts on behalf of the group. We routinely mirror the hospital in contracting with health plans.

Medicare Provider Number

Medicaid Provider Number

Proposed Fee Schedule

A proposed fee schedule will include a Pathology Services Agreement that provides for separate billing and a description of the group’s billing arrangements. NHPA uses its contract billing service for all of its billing and collection needs.